Fluorescence Imaging System

Solaris Imaging System by PerkinElmer

Industrial Design, Engineering Development, System Integration, Manufacturing Transfer

The Solaris™ open-air fluorescence imaging system is a high impact research tool that enables translational in vivo preclinical imaging. Solaris is a multispecies imaging system designed for use with a broad spectral range of fluorescent probes enabling versatility in imaging application development and surgical research.

Solaris is designed for multispecies preclinical, translational and emerging veterinary surgical research applications. The system is extremely flexible to fit the needs of invasive, intra-operative and superficial, non-invasive fluorescence imaging. The system enables multiple imaging applications of preclinical research, including oncology, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, dentistry, vaccine development, and drug discovery.

Solaris Fluorescence Image-Guided Surgery

Image beyond the chamber with Solaris™ fluorescence image guided-surgery system. Designed to image both large and small animals, the Solaris™ is a high impact research tool that allows researchers to more effectively translate in vivo preclinical imaging models to accelerate research.

Solaris is the first small and large animal imaging system that is designed to be used across a broad spectral range of fluorescent probes enabling versatility in therapeutic development and image-guided surgery research.

Flexible for both invasive and non-invasive imaging in many applications across preclinical research including image-guided tumor resection, inflammation, cell tracking, lymph node mapping, and more, Solaris is designed as a true multispecies imaging system, allowing translation from mice to dogs, pigs and non-human primates.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for image-guided surgical procedures such as tumor resection
  • Open field fluorescent imaging suitable for large animal applications
  • Wide fluorescent spectra (470 – 800 nm) to support a broad range of imaging agents, including PerkinElmer agents
  • PerkinElmer fluorescent agents validated on Solaris
  • Filters designed to image FDA approved dyes ICG & FITC
  • Unique detection technology allows use in ambient light


Design a large scale fluorescence imaging camera system allowing for precise positioning and adjustment, utilizing both custom and off the shelf components to reduce cost and time to market. Develop a high quality brand aesthetic and functionality approach appropriate for the Perkin Elmer family of scientific products.


The Solaris Imaging System design was introduced to great response at an industry tradeshow.

The most important use of this system is to ensure tumor margins are cleanly resected. In a subcutaneous tumor model, when the tumor was fully resected and the wound was re-closed the initial signal increase disappeared. However, if some residual tumor was left that could not be removed, this was visible both in the tumor bed and again after closure of the surgical site.


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