Human-Centered Design Enhances User Experience

Human-centered product design enhances user experiences to build customer loyalty and increase brand value. Manta provides exceptional usability and UI/UX design that combines a human-centered approach with technical innovation to create products that improve the way we live and work. Our designs meet the needs of users, differentiate products, build brands, and create value.

Our Process


User Research and Analysis

Our targeted research and analysis practice starts with a human-centered approach. We identify the unmet needs of your users in an increasingly sophisticated, competitive, and changing marketplace. Our team uses a variety of dynamic methods to gain insights into user needs, behaviors, and desires, including:

Contextual inquiry, planning, observation, and interviews

Cultural research

Workflow characterization

Ergonomics and human factors research

Task analysis and scenario development

Identification of user interactions

Development of user interface requirements


Product Usability and Industrial Design

Driven by human-centered design, our team of visionary designers, user experience specialists, and human factors engineers work together to conceptualize designs with intuitive form and function. We use a variety of powerful and creative methods to conceptualize, prototype, and validate designs with users, including:

Ergonomics / human factors

Ethnography (observation, interviews, visual stories)

Task Mapping

Market focus groups


Product positioning

Sketches / illustrations

User interface (UI)

Virtual simulation


Digital User Interface Design

With a deep understanding of user behaviors, needs, and motivations, our user experience (UX) experts create human-centered interface experiences that enhance product function, exceed customer expectations, and strengthen the company’s brand. To do this, we use targeted methods, including:

UI (User Interface) requirements specification

User Interface Design and Industrial Design

System brainstorming and conceptualization

Human factors and usability mock-ups

Instructions for Use (IFU) development

Formative evaluations


Usability Engineering

Our product development process fully complies with the design assurance guidelines outlined in FDA 21 CFR 820, ISO 13485, and adheres to the FDA and European human factors guidelines including HE 75 and ISO 62366.

Throughout the usability development process, we conduct extensive user needs research, formative testing, and summative testing to minimize use-related hazards and optimize the user's experience.

Design History File

Usability Engineering Plan

Risk Mitigation Plan (HARA, uFMEA)

Study Protocols, Scripts and Reports

Formative studies

Summative Testing

Usability Engineering Report


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