Trusted Design Leadership

Founded in 1995, Manta has over 25 years of design leadership developing successful products in the healthcare, consumer and robotics markets. Our team's multi-disciplinary expertise and synergistic culture leads to groundbreaking innovation.


All our team members share a passion for great design and development. Our skills, knowledge, and values define our culture and the experience we offer our clients. The firm’s character manifests itself in strong working relationships, strong core values, and a demand for excellence. Our working philosophy engages our partners in all aspects of development process so our clients benefit from the experience we bring to the table.

Drew Jones

Drew Jones


Managing Partner, Inventor and Award-winning Designer

Betsy Goodrich

Betsy Goodrich

VP of Design

Design and Human Factors / Usability Leader

Rich Miller

Rich Miller

VP of Engineering

BS & MS Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Commitment to Client Alignment

We are representatives of our clients' companies and are committed to excellence through design leadership, ethical practices, and authentic interactions. We've created a culture in which all team members understand the importance of leadership in every aspect of a project. This philosophy of shared responsibility starts with our principals and is practiced by all members of our team.

We understand your specific needs: We want to develop a long-term relationship with your company. To that end, we work diligently to earn your trust by listening, learning, and sharing advice that advances your agenda.

We communicate a shared vision: Our creative and concise visualization tools communicate your project initiatives, build enthusiasm, and inspire a shared project vision among your teams.

We manage project risk: We are a risk-intelligent company. By understanding your business goals, core product strategies, and risk tolerance, we continuously evaluate our design decisions throughout the project to ensure your goals are met.


Synergistic Team Culture

Manta provides a synergistic product development experience through personalized attention, energetic staff and proven methods that links our capabilities and experience with your team. Successful product innovation is fostered by a synergistic team culture that works together to create relevant innovation from a balanced development process representing technology, design and usability.


Record of Success

Manta's excellence  has been recognized with numerous patents and awards, including:

  • Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), sponsored by BusinessWeek
  • The Good Design award
  • The Consumer Electronics Show's "Best of Home Appliances" award
  • Time Magazine's "Gadget of the Week" award
  • Popular Science's "Best of What's New" award
  • The Appliance Manufacturers award
  • Recognition from the Modern Museum of Art and Chicago Athenaeum
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Relationships Matter

At Manta, living our core values helps us build trust through authentic interactions, a commitment to your goals, and an attentive culture that can rapidly adapt to your changing needs.


We believe an authentic relationship with each client provides us with the strongest foundation possible for a lasting and prosperous partnership.


We listen and work hard to understand your goals to ensure our efforts are focused on your success.


We have a nimble culture with the flexibility to respond quickly to your changing project goals.

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