Ranger-R Handheld Sensor Design

Ranger-R by L3 Cyterra

Industrial Design, Engineering Development, System Integration, Manufacturing Transfer

RANGE-R® is a highly sensitive handheld radar system designed to detect and measure the distance to moving and near-stationary personnel through walls constructed of common building materials. Designed to increase situation awareness in urban environments for its users, RANGE-R provides vital intelligence necessary to safely undertake a variety of law enforcement and search and rescue operations.
RANGE-R applications include:

  • Police / SWAT / Military — Determine the presence and location of assailants or hostages in a building
  • Search & Rescue — Locate injured people inside buildings
  • Firefighters — Quickly determine whether people are trapped in a building


Design an ergonomic, portable handheld device with a ruggedized enclosure that can withstand extreme environmental conditions including dust, moisture, shock, vibration, heat, freezing cold.

Must be easy to deploy and operate in challenging conditions including having limited visibility while in motion. Display and interface must be easy to read and operate under high stress conditions wearing gloves.

Design of a field maintained power supply. Quick access, watertight seal.


The Ranger-R design provided the electronics with an extremely rugged and reliable enclosure able to withstand the temperature and weather extremes present in an outdoor application.

We developed a custom power supply design and successfully performed extensive environmental, shock, and vibration testing to ensure design would be reliable in field use.

The Ranger-R design is easy to carry and intuitive to use. The interface is designed for low light conditions were stealth is critical.


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