Hologic Fluent™ Surgical Fluid Management System

Fluent™ Fluid Management System by Hologic

Research, Industrial Design, Engineering Development, System Integration, Manufacturing Transfer
MANTA’s designers and engineers worked with Hologic to develop Fluent™, a streamlined fluid management system for hysteroscopy.
Hologic specializes in surgical hand pieces for hysteroscopy, a gynecological procedure for diagnosing and treating uterine conditions. During the procedure, gynecologists use fluid to better visualize the operating field. Accurate fluid management directly influences the effectiveness of the procedure and patient safety.
Fluent™ provides simplified, more effective surgical fluid management when compared to existing systems. The user-centered design fits into the crowded and busy setting of the operating room. Additionally, Fluent™ integrates with and optimizes Hologic’s MyoSure controller for complete fluid control and tissue removal.
With increased usability and technical accuracy, Fluent™ bolsters clinical confidence and improves hospital workflows.

“We developed the Fluent system with a deep understanding of the hectic workflow that often characterizes the patient and staff experience.”

Sean Daugherty, President of GYN Surgical Solutions, Hologic

“The Fluent system is changing the game in fluid management. Developed in response to the challenges facing nurses and doctors performing hysteroscopies, it combines a streamlined design with innovative technology for more efficient fluid monitoring during procedures.”

Dr. Edward Evantash, VP of Global Medical Affairs, Hologic

“Since the Fluent system, it has become so much more efficient and easier to understand exactly what's going on with my patient.”

Dr. Kristin Lyerly, OB/GYN


Despite the clinical importance of automated fluid management systems, they often are not designed with the OR in mind. Many have non-intuitive designs that burden circulating nurses. The systems need complicated set-ups and breakdown that eats into time spent attending to patients. Most importantly, their technology makes it difficult to gage and troubleshoot fluid and pressure changes during surgery.

As a women's health company, Hologic understood the frustrations these challenges posed to OR staff. Hologic approached MANTA for direction in creating a user-friendly and technologically innovative fluid management system.


MANTA’s extensive user research and testing led to a deep understanding of the complex OR workflow. We solved for critical pain points and improved usability with the following features:

  • A taller, upright form that improves fluid flow and is easier for nurses to interact with.
  • A single weighted waste bag replacing the need for multiple canisters while providing more accurate fluid readings.
  • FloPak™ cartridge technology using peristalsis instead of suction to eliminate fluid leaks.
  • A touchscreen user interface visualizing step-by-step instructions and patient fluid and pressure data.
  • Simplified troubleshooting to keep procedures moving efficiently.

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