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FastTrack™ by Horsepower Technologies, Inc.

Research, Industrial Design, Engineering Innovation, Engineering Development, Usability Engineering, Manufacturing Transfer

FastTrack™ is the World's first Rehabilitative Legwear for Horses. The device contains a patented adjustable stop that limits the range of motion and maximum permissible angle of the horse’s fetlock joint, thereby significantly reducing strain to injured tendons and preventing re-injury.

The device incorporates heat-formable padding that creates a customized fit for each individual horse, providing maximal comfort and support.


The development of the FastTrack Legwear required significant research into the biomechanics of horse leg anatomy and gaits. We worked with the world renowned Cummings Veterinary Hospital at Tufts to obtain targeted leg joint load vs. angle data across the range of gait profiles (walk, trot, and canter), as well as horse leg anatomical data, and translated these into the resulting product design. We also developed associated Legwear fitting accessories including custom horse leg sizing tools and foam padding heater.


Manta was responsible for the industrial design, mechanical engineering, usability engineering, and manufacturing transfer of the FastTrack device and associated accessories. Working closely with consulting veterinary professionals, Manta supported the upfront device-related biomechanical research, design and testing activities, and was responsible for the product’s detail design, prototyping, testing and transfer to outside manufacturing partners.


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