Bicycle Design Innovation

Bluetooth Electronic Bike Lock by Zagster

Industrial Design, Engineering Development, System Integration, Manufacturing Transfer

Zagster is the U.S. market leader in bike sharing, operating 200+ programs in 35 states that make bikes available to more than 6.5 million people every day. Zagster came to us to develop a new, smartphone application-enabled electronic locking system for its fleet of shared bicycles. We implemented a Bluetooth Low Energy based system and incorporated it into a small, ruggedized enclosure resident on the back of each bike.


Zagsters electronic locking system needed to be extremely rugged and reliable to withstand temperature and weather extremes. It was critical that the system used very little power in order to maximize battery life. We developed a custom locking system design that complemented Zagster’s bike fleet styling and branding, and performed extensive environmental, shock, and vibration testing to ensure the design would be reliable in field use.


Zagster has successfully deployed the new electronic locking system into their fleet of field bikes and has continued to grow shares in a highly competitive market.


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