Phantom Omni by SensAble Technologies

Research, Product Strategy, Usability, Industrial Design, Engineering Development

The Phantom Omni is a haptic touch interface device for computers that provides force feedback allowing users to touch, feel, and interact with objects in a virtual 3D space. It is used with SensAble's FreeForm sculpting software throughout the footwear and toy industries to replace traditional sculpting methods.

We worked with SensAble's team to develop their next generation Phantom Omni targeted at designers and sculptors. The new design needed to appeal to a broad market including technical and non-technical users alike.

We reduced costs by sourcing with larger components, which challenged us to rework the internal design without sacrificing function. The result was a unique new form. The softened geometry, smaller footprint, and lightened color palette is less intimidating and more friendly, familiar, and inviting to both technical and non-technical users.

The Phantom Omni design has been recognized with the Chicago Athenaeum's "Good Design" award, the "Japanese Good Design Award," and has generated press exposure and venture capital interest in the company.