GlowCap by Vitality

Industrial Design, Engineering Development

The GlowCaps lid replaces the cap from a standard pill vial with a smart, cloud-enabled medication reminder device. Coupled with a plug-in Nightlight, the GlowCaps system provides visual, audible, email, text and phone based alerts to support medication management and to promote medication adherence and compliance. When it is time to reorder medication, a button at the base of the GlowCap® lid sends refill requests to the user’s local pharmacy.

MANTA was responsible for the detail design and manufacturing transfer of the GlowCaps system components. Our engineering team took responsibility for the mechanical development of the GlowCaps Lid and Nightlight, including plastics part design, electronics integration, lighting implementation, prototype fabrication and testing, finite element analysis (FEA), and manufacturing transfer and support to the overseas molder and contract manufacturing partner.