Cor™ by Peerbridge

Research, Usability, Industrial Design, GUI Design, Engineering Development, Design Assurance

The Peerbridge Cor™ Wearable ECG sensor is a small, single-use, wearable ECG monitor that provides a continuous, multi-channel recording in addition to patient activated event data transmission for up to 7 days. The Peerbridge Cor™ Wearable ECG sensors record 2-channel, 3-lead ECG data continuously, with the goal of improving patient compliance via its minimal size and simplicity of operation.

MANTA was responsible for the industrial design of the Cor™ Sensor, and was heavily involved in its usability testing. Manta also developed the associated electrode patch, including industrial design, usability engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing transfer, along with supporting the development of the Smart-Phone App Graphical User Interface.