nectar™ Mobile Power System by Lilliputian Systems

Research, Product Strategy, Usability, Industrial Design, Engineering Development

The nectarThe nectar Mobile Power System is a miniature power portal that utilizes proprietary fuel cell technology. This device offers significant performance advantages over current lithium batteries and can power multiple electronic devices for up to a month from a single nectar power pod™.

MANTA helped Lilliputian Systems bring nectar Mobile Power System to market by developing the user interface design, ergonomics, industrial design, rapid prototyping, mechanical engineering, CFD analysis, branding, IFU, and packaging design.

nectar Mobile Power System is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the CES Innovations Award for Engineering and Design, the Popular Science POPSCI Product of the Future Award, and the "Gotta be MOBILE" Best of CES 2012 award.