King Vision Video Laryngoscope by King Systems

Research, Usability, Industrial Design, Engineering Development

King Systems, an industry leader in airway management, now offers the King Vision Video Laryngoscope for difficult and routine intubation. It is the first lightweight, cost-effective video laryngoscope with a clinician-friendly design, disposable channeled and non-channeled blades, and a reusable, integrated OLED video display.

MANTA was responsible for all aspects of the industrial design and mechanical engineering of the handheld laryngoscope. We used anatomical research, site visits, and ergonomic models to determine the best device use configuration while meeting the functional requirements of maneuverability and display visibility. Our engineering team took responsibility for the mechanical development including plastics design, plastic parts procurement, prototype procurement, finite element analysis (FEA), and acting as a manufacturing liaison. We generated concept sketches, appearance models, and full-scale functional models to reflect a range of concept approaches for testing in the field.