emPOWER by BionX Medical Technologies, Inc.

Research, Usability, Industrial Design, Mechanism Engineering, FEA Analysis

BionX commercialized a new generation of powered prostheses that overcome the limitations of passive limbs. The emPOWER is a bionic lower leg system designed to replace lost muscle function for below-the-knee amputees enabling them to walk faster and with less effort on all terrain

MANTA's background and experience developing a wide variety of electro-mechanical, medical, and consumer products—including motorized cardiac-imaging systems and haptic interface devices, consumer and medical robotics, and advanced electro-mechanical technology products—proved to be a great match for BionX. Dr. Hugh Herr, founder of BionX (iWalk), asked MANTA to provide the mechanical engineering and industrial design services for the development of the emPOWER, to bring it from its early laboratory configuration to the fully commercialized solution available today.