From Innovation to Production

Market leaders are continuously challenged by the search for new product opportunities and the logistics of rapid development to bring innovations to market. With over 25 years of product innovation experience, we are experts at evaluating technologies, identifying opportunities, managing development, and rapidly transitioning to effective production solutions. We meet user needs, solve complex ergonomic and engineering issues, and communicate brand sophistication to targeted markets.


We specialize in innovation that results from an iterative process of learning, conceptualization, testing, and evaluation. MANTA's Development Methodology process integrates innovation activities in the context of risk mitigation to ensure our proposed innovations are directly aligned with your business plans and company's objectives.

Development Methodology (click to open)

Technology Research and Evaluation

We help you determine the appropriate technologies and manufacturing strategies for your product. Our upfront engineering research practices and technical analysis capabilities ensure that your product will meet your production price and performance goals.

Usability Design and Product Development

MANTA's extensive product development experience and structured design control allow a swift evolution of your product through the engineering development cycle. We use the latest engineering design tools to create a 3D CAD database of your product that can be used for rapid prototyping, design verification, and manufacturing planning activities.

Product Liaison and Manufacturing Transition

MANTA has transitioned hundreds of products into production, working with vendors, suppliers, and contract manufacturers all over the United States and abroad. We help you identify and qualify the best vendors and contract manufacturers for your product. Depending on your needs, we can manage your part tooling and manufacturing ramp-up cycles to ensure that your product transitions smoothly into production. We can also assist with your product's regulatory, reliability, and qualification testing.

Strategic Partners

We work closely with a diverse network of outside development resources, including industry experts at MIT, Harvard, and local medical institutions. These partnerships allow us to provide you with a complete turnkey service for products requiring specialized technical expertise.